About The Hajar Project


The Hajar Project - formerly the University of Birmingham Archaeological Expedition to the Sultanate of Oman - commenced work in the winter of 1980/81 in the Hajar region of Oman and the United Emirates. Since then, under the directorship of Jeffery and Jocelyn Orchard, it has been undertaking a multi-disciplinary programme of archaeological research.



It operates under the patronage of the Oman Ministry of Heritage & Culture, via the Department of Excavations and Archaeological Studies, and its work is primarily conducted in its two allocated study areas, the Wadi Bahla and the Wadi Meleh.



Amongst the scholars and specialist practitioners comprising its team membership are: archaeologists, surveyors, geophysicists, osteologists, a biological anthropologist, a materials analyst, a hydrogeologist, archaeological conservators, photographers and arabists.